Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes, you may exhaust the limits of your homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and other insurance policies. Such a situation can be demoralizing, no doubt. It is even worse when a coverage is excluded in your policy. This is why we provide extended limits with umbrella insurance. The agents at Jones-Logan Company are here to help you.

In other words, our umbrella insurance offers extra coverage, and you can resort to it either when your insurance policy hits its limit or when your policy does not cover specific situations. So, what exactly does the insurance policy cover?


At Jones-Logan Company, our umbrella insurance gives coverage for damages and liability. If someone gets injured due to your negligence, you’re legally obligated to foot the hospital bill, and that’s where the umbrella insurance comes in handy. This kind of situation can arise when a guest slips and falls in your home, when your dog bites someone else, or when you cause a severe auto accident. When your other insurance policy cannot cover the bill entirely, you need your umbrella insurance to pick up the slack.

Damage to property

Our umbrella insurance also covers damage to property. When you cause damages to other people’s property, such as if you accidentally ram your car into their fence, breaking it down. Your umbrella insurance policy will cover the bill to fix the fence if your standard limits have already been met.

Personal liability situations

You may be held liable for someone’s injury that is not directly your fault. For example, if your tenant’s dog bites someone. You may be held liable if the tenant cannot fully foot the bill out-of-pocket or through insurance. Your umbrella insurance policy will come into play here.

Apart from the major scenarios mentioned above, our umbrella insurance can also be helpful in several other situations. Therefore we usually advise our clients to consider it. One thing that sets us apart from others is that at Jones-Logan Company., we pay claims promptly. Once we find the claim to be accurate, we’ll make payments as quickly as possible. Therefore our Georgia customer base keeps increasing by the day.

If you need more information on our umbrella insurance or any of our other insurance policies, you can contact us immediately. Reach out to our Georgia office at Jones-Logan Company to speak with a team member and get a quote.

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