Condo Insurance

At Jones-Logan Company Inc, we provide quality condo insurance policies to people in Georgia. We are committed to helping our clients find the coverage that they are looking for at an affordable price.

Condo Insurance

At Jones-Logan Company Inc, we work with our clients and inform them about condo insurance so that they can feel confident that their belongings will be covered. Condo owners purchase insurance so that they are covered if their unit is damaged.

We offer Personal Liability Coverage, which protects our clients in the event that someone is hurt while they are at the condo. If our clients are deemed liable, the coverage will help take care of any expenses related to the injured party. This coverage is especially helpful if the party suffered a serious injury and has expensive medical bills.

Building Protection is also included in a condo insurance policy. The coverage will help repair damages to the physical appearance of the condo on both the interior and exterior of the property.

Our clients can also purchase Personal Property Coverage as part of their condo insurance policy. The coverage protects valuable items such as electronics and furniture if they are stolen or vandalized. Condo owners can choose to receive cash value for their belongings or replacement cost reimbursement, which is calculated through the difference of the item’s value and the total amount that the condo owner paid to replace the item. Condo owners in Georgia can also purchase additional flood coverage to insure their unit in case a flood occurs. If our clients are seeking additional protection, we will discuss a solution and help them find a policy that meets their needs.

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